The laser tattoo removal process begins with a free consultation. You should arrive a few minutes early for your consultation visit to allow time to fill out a few brief forms. At this initial visit we will explain the process in detail and let you know what to expect. You will be asked a few relevant questions about your medical history and currently prescribed medications. There are certain medical conditions and certain medications that would make exposure to the laser inadvisable.

The size of your tattoo will be measured to determine the cost per treatment. We will also snap a picture of your tattoo for use in tracking the progress of your tattoo removal treatments. It will be necessary for you to schedule an appointment with our medical director, Dr. Shirat Ling, to obtain a prescription for tattoo removal before we can begin treatments. Texas law prohibits the use of a medical device such as a laser without a prescription from a licensed physician. There is no charge for the visit with our medical director.