Laser Tattoo Removal Austin

There are many reasons why someone might want a tattoo removed. The stories are often as amusing as the artwork itself. Not so amusing has been the extremely high cost of tattoo removal ……………that is until Mad Dog came to town!

At Mad Dog, tattoo removal is our business. We are the longest standing specialized laser tattoo removal clinic in Austin. For us, tattoo ink removal is not a sideline endeavor or ancillary service for which we have to charge a small fortune. We perform laser tattoo removal in Austin, Texas every working day. We do not compromise safety or quality to make a buck. We strictly adhere to all Federal and State regulations regarding the use of prescription medical devices and trade practices. We invest in the very best FDA cleared tattoo removal laser technology and we employ the very best laser technicians.

We are an integral part of the tattoo industry, providing a clean canvas for the tattoo artist's next creation. It is our passionate focus on tattoo removal that allows us to provide an unparalleled level of service, at an exceptional price.

So no matter what your story, when it comes time to remove your tattoo or to lighten your tattoo for a cover-up, we hope you'll think of Mad Dog Tattoo Removal and keep us amused. Mad Dog Tattoo Removal, the Central Texas leader in tattoo removal, now with two locations in Austin.

Austin, Texas

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